Want To Save Energy? Go Downtown!

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Much of our energy-saving efforts are focused on cities.


Two reasons.

First, though they represent about 2% of land use, they consume about 70% of the world’s energy.  So, they are where the biggest potential lies.

Second, cities are the right governmental level for maximum impact. They control codes and regulations. Cities have the infrastructure (inspectors and licensing agencies) and the proximity… Read More

Solar Power without Panels in Minnesota?

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Dave GralnikPosted by:
Dave Gralnik
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If you want solar power at a lower cost than conventional electricity, you can do it without any solar panels on your property, if you are in Minnesota (or other states looking to apply this concept in the coming months).

The concept is called a “solar garden.”

Here’s how it works. Minnesota passed legislation in 2013, allowing solar developers to… Read More

Engaged Employees Pay Out

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Bob BestPosted by:
Bob Best
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Why bother with programs that get employees more “engaged?” After all, isn’t just a lot babble?

Some interesting research indicates that it’s not babble at all.

  • Engaged employees at Molson Coors were five time less likely to have a safety incident, and seven times less likely to have a lost-time safety incident.
  • Engaged employees in the U.K. take an average of
  • Read More

One Way To Save Building Energy is Clear

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Bob Best
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One Way To Save Building Energy is Clear. Literally.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 35% of the energy wasted in buildings is due to inefficient windows.

The degree to which a window allows heat loss or gain is based on many factors, including size, the type of glazing, the frame and how well-sealed the window is.

But,… Read More

Where have the sparrows gone? Do we wait for it to become extinct?

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kumar passport Oct 2008Posted By:
Kumar R
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World Sparrow Day is celebrated on March 20 across the world since 2010. For details please visit http://www.worldsparrowday.org/

The house sparrow. A small bird. Hope we will not one day say that it is extinct. We don’t see them in most cities and towns of India. What are the reasons? Is it radiation from telecom towers? Is it that… Read More

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