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Putting sustainability second

Posted by: Bob Best Energy and Sustainability Services The commercial real estate industry has been working hard to make the buildings that we build, manage or own more sustainable.  That’s a good thing.  But, we are starting to see the next stage in this effort, where sustainability is less of a differentiator and more of […]

Techno optimist or pessimist?

Posted by: Alan Silvester EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services Some are optimistic about the role of technology and its ability to sustain the human population in the way that we have become accustomed, where as others believe it is the cause of more and increasingly worrying negative impacts. Techno-optimists believe that technological developments will allow us […]

Public/private cooperation for sustainable solutions

Posted by: Dan Probst Energy and Sustainability Services [A longer version of this post can be seen at “From the Inside,” the blog hosted by Commercial Property Executive] 2011 stood out as a year when government and business organizations explored their shared goals on sustainability and realized that public-private partnerships and collaborative initiatives are frequently […]

Global effort for a global cause

Posted by: Carey Guerin Sustainability University Today, our firm announces that we have reached our goal to employ 1,000 people with LEED and other energy and sustainability accreditations. Actually, as of Jan 1 we employed 1075 such individuals. As the Sustainability University facilitator charged with bringing this goal home, allow me to first say: Whew! […]