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Corporate Transformation Via Sustainability

Posted by: Dan Probst Energy and Sustainability Services I led Jones Lang LaSalle’s  energy services businesses in the Americas long before we expanded our menu to include a broad  scope of sustainability services.  So, like many in our business,  I used to think of energy efficiency as the best way to add value to the […]

18% energy savings within 18 months

Posted by: Cons Gattuso Engineering Services CREs and facilities teams are facing greater pressure than ever to reduce costs—and in the wake of the recession, they are already running pretty lean.  We need new ways to drive out costs without sacrificing service or taking on more risk.  Smart technology has the potential to be a […]

Green branding, Not greenwashing

Posted by: Peter Belisle Energy and Sustainability Services Since I am speaking at CoreNet Global SNAP session tomorrow at 2pm on corporate branding through sustainability, I want to make the distinction between branding, which relies on a real commitment to sustainability, and greenwashing, which attempts to put a green face on business-as-usual practices. Business people […]

Why water is the sharp end of the climate change stick

Posted by: Conor Riffle Carbon Disclosure Project Earlier this year, the city government of Bangkok reported its greenhouse gas emissions and other climate change-related information to the Carbon Disclosure Project. Its analysis of the risks that the city faces from climate change is proving prescient: “The tide from the Gulf of Thailand affects the water […]