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A much anticipated Global Reporting Initiative supplement

Posted by: Elena Alekseeva EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services In September I saw the launch of the Global Reporting Initiative Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement (GRI CRESS). Clients and colleagues alike have been waiting patiently for this key guidance document for sustainability reporting. Indeed, GRI CRESS was in the workings for over two years and involved […]

Speaking the language of business

Posted by: Lauralee Martin Chief Financial Officer Energy and carbon reduction in buildings is a goal to be pursued by business leaders in every sector, although the focus is on property-sector firms to take the initiative. Business thrives on metrics that management use to drive profits and compete for investment capital. Metrics such as EPS […]

How we have transformed – and stayed the same – in our latest CSR Report

Posted by: Sarah Nicholls EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services The global output of Corporate Responsibility reports increased to nearly 6,000 publications from 1992 to 2010, of which nearly 40% use the Global Reporting Initiative framework according to the Corporate Register Reporting Awards publication. Jones Lang LaSalle has contributed to this growing statistic, as our latest global […]

Congrats to Greenbuild leaders

Posted by: Dan Probst Energy and Sustainability Services We generally try to use this blog to share our experiences and perspective on the green building business rather than bragging about our achievements. But when our clients are recognized as leaders, as two of them were at Greenbuild last week, I feel not only a right […]

How well is the commercial real estate sector embedding sustainability?

Posted by:| Elisabeth Filkins EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services On the 1st of September the results of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) were launched. With participation up 72% from 2009, it now represents US $928bn of assets. The benchmark is a fund-level sustainability survey for commercial property portfolios which provides institutional investors with a […]