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Green precinct rating tools

Posted by: Martin Williams Energy & Sustainability Services, Australia Telstra Account Rating tools are continuing to evolving from their focus on offices and homes to other building uses and recently groupings of buildings.  This reflects a desire of owners and developers to be able to simply communicate the wider sustainability benefits of precinct or larger […]

Apps – the new world of sustainability

Posted by: Lora Brill EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services Sustainability comes down to choices – choices of design, behaviour, and consumption. Our choices are influenced by the information about costs and benefits available to us at the time of decision. Information about sustainability costs and benefits has always been notoriously hard to obtain in these crucial […]

Geographic influences on sustainability programs

Posted by: Michael Jordan Strategic Consulting Last week, I was happy to present as part of a CoreNet summit SNAP session under the “social dynamics” theme.  Without any coordination whatsoever, the other presenters and I touched some of the same themes for how to address the social part of big change programs! And the room […]

Catching some rays pays

Posted by: Peter Belisle Energy and Sustainability In an earlier post, I discussed how companies are engaging in a wider range of sustainability strategies these days.  But there’s one great opportunity that most people I’ve spoken to don’t fully grasp: Solar energy. A lot of people dismiss solar energy as far too expensive to consider. […]