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Save money, reduce carbon

Posted by: Gary Graham Energy and Sustainability Services Energy conservation is very important to our family. I walk “what I talk” as a leader in Energy and Sustainability at Jones Lang LaSalle. Actions we have taken are: –  Replaced all lighting with CFLs –  Purchase all ENERGY STAR appliances and electronics –  Replaced exterior windows […]

Helping our tenants with spring cleaning

Posted by: Mike Konczewski Property Manager In the Philadelphia region, we’ll be celebrating Earth Day by helping our tenants with their spring cleaning.   777 Township Line Road, 1515 Market Street and the University of Pennsylvania will be holding free electronics recycling events.  Tenants can get rid of all their old computers, phone, radios, batteries, and […]

A proud telecommuter

Posted by: Josh Riley T-Mobile Account Theories and opinions abound on the topic and politics of global warming, but one element of environmental awareness that is almost universally agreed upon is this: oil and coal are finite resources and the world’s reserves will one day be depleted or unreachable.  Thus it becomes incumbent on our […]

Make use of land without destruction

Posted by: Tom Crow Energy and Sustainability Services  Since we are part of this thing called creation, we have some serious choices to make.  We can make careful use of the good things that we have been given access to, leaving them in as good as, or better condition than when we first received them.  […]

Hop on a bike and celebrate Earth Week 2011

Posted by: Chris Terrell Project and Development Services Looking for ways to help celebrate Earth Week 2011? Knocking the rust off your old, trusty bike or renting one locally is a great way to get to work or just around town. I’ve been biking to work for several months now and the benefits are many: […]