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Defining sustainability

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Doug Ballon
Energy and Sustainability

In a previous blog entitled “Measure twice, cut costs”, Peter Belisle suggested that many facilities managers may not realize potential cost savings. Coincidentally, sustainable facilities management was the topic on Sustainability Sessions—Jones Lang LaSalle’s forum of our energy and sustainability practice. Our guest speaker was Nathan Gauthier, LEED AP, Portfolio Energy Manager on our Philips… Read More

Kudos to Empire State Building Subs

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Dana Schneider
Energy and Sustainability Services

Now that the main infrastructure work on the Empire State Building energy retrofit is done, I’d just like to say to all our partners and sub-contractors on the project: You guys are the best!

The unprecedented level of attention this project has received focused initially on the analytical model developed by Jones… Read More

U.S. Fed cuts waste in leased space

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Andrew Burr
Institute for Market Transformation

 The U.S. government is laying the foundation for job growth, taxpayer savings and a more energy-efficient commercial building stock in 2011 and beyond.

Starting Dec. 19, 2010, Federal agencies can sign leases only in energy-efficient buildings as designated by ENERGY STAR, or when no such space is available, negotiate cost-effective efficiency improvements with… Read More

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Measure twice, cut costs

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Peter Belisle
Energy and Sustainability Services, President

IFMA, the International Facility Management Association, just released the results of its latest survey of facility managers, which includes a question on energy and sustainability strategies. The good news is that 85 percent of facility managers have energy conservation programs in place, with 61 percent planning to do more in the next 12… Read More

Green cleaning products

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Barbara Wichmann
IT Sustainability Program Manager

I received an email that made me aware of a disturbing environmental and health hazard that I think most people, myself included, are unaware of. The culprit is an antibacterial chemical used in many common household and commercial cleaning products called Triclosan. It is the main ingredient in anti-bacterial soaps. Triclosan is a very effective… Read More

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