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Hope for the future

Posted by: Bob Best Jones Lang LaSalle The sheer scope of the sustainability movement and how it is changing the face of the real estate industry is breathtaking.  Just walking around here,  seeing the products and concepts, is inspiring.  I have a renewed faith that creativity, technology and human enterprise are going to prevail in […]

Drawing Air at 10

Posted by: Craig Bloomfield Jones Lang LaSalle The drawing for the MacBook Air will take place at the Social Networking Lounge at 10 a.m. this morning.  Our blogging stations are still open so if you haven’t entered a post yet, there’s still time to come see us on the main concourse and add your voice […]

Killing the vampire loads

Posted by: Gary Graham Jones Lang LaSalle At last years Greenbuild, I attended a session on Net Zero Energy buildings. It was great to see and hear about the progress we are making at reducing HVAC and lighting loads in base building operations. As the pieces of the energy pie associated with these loads shrunk […]

Where’s the info on the South & South Central region?

There seems to be a heavy emphasis on Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, & Northern climates at this year’s conference.  Information, general or specific, to the Gulf Coast (yes, the United States has three coasts) and Southern climates is broadly under represented.  While many of us from the South & South Central regions may not worry about energy usages due to […]

Where there is one there are many…

Posted by: Jonas Risen Ziger / Snead LLP Where there is one there are many. Walking through the expo for two days has taught me a few things. One is that the pace of innovation in the green building industry is happening rapidly. Another is that the innovations seem to come in pairs. An example: […]