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What’s the Mix Up?

Brian Oley Mission Critical Solutions  In previous posts, my colleagues have outlined strategies for improving the energy use and environmental impact of data centers.  Operating strategies are undeniably important, but IT decision-makers should not overlook another vital aspect of an energy-efficient facility strategy: site selection.  Obviously, power cost and reliability are major factors in data […]

Solar Power From Paint?

Dave Gralnik Alternative Energy Energy and Sustainability Services It may not be that far off. As the effectiveness of solar technology is accelerating, one of the latest endeavors is to produce photovoltaic paint that can be put on any structure to generate electricity. Here’s how it  works:  The paint is applied in several layers, including […]

Green Location Strategies

Tom Freeman Mission Critical Solutions A few days ago, my colleague, Spencer Jurman, used the upcoming Uptime Institute Symposium as an occasion to discuss green data center trends from an operations perspective. I’d like to add my thoughts on green strategies in selecting and negotiating data center sites as well. Unlike other commercial property types, […]

Greening your data center

Spencer Jurman Mission Critical Solutions  I’m looking forward to the Uptime Institute Symposium May 17-19 in New York, with its timely theme, “Data Center Efficiency & Green Enterprise IT,” . Jones Lang LaSalle is the sponsor of the Green Enterprise IT Awards recognizing projects, ideas, and products that significantly improve energy productivity and resource use […]

When waste is visible

Michael Jordan Energy and Sustainability As Paul Krugman wrote in the New York Times on May 3, “Environmentalism began as a response to pollution that everyone could see.” We’re all seeing the effects of the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Living in a coastal state with its commensurate dependencies on the ocean […]