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Today we celebrate Earth Day!

Dan Probst Energy and Sustainability Services   As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Jones Lang LaSalle can be proud that our employees, our company and our clients are working more sustainably than ever.  Our employees demonstrate a remarkable level of environmental enthusiasm, as shown yesterday by our number-one position on ENERGY STAR’s […]

10 ways employees can "go green"

Beth Hayden Human Resources Earth Day is quickly approaching. As an employee, you may think “that’s great’ and “I support it” yet do nothing more. The truth is, you can make a difference. You can contribute to making your workplace sustainable.  It’s important today and critical for our future. Below are 10 simple ways employees can help. 1. Bring […]

Energy Efficiency – There’s Help Out There

Dan Probst Energy and Sustainability The session “Turning up the Heat: Energy Efficiency, Emissions and the Bottom Line” highlighted both the strengths and the challenges in our industry when it comes to advancing new technologies and best practices in energy efficiency. Learn more about this session by following us at CoreNet.

Taking Green Lease Strategies to the Next Level

Michael Jordan Energy and Sustainability Services Check out my insight on green lease strategies live from CoreNet.          

10 ways owners can make the office a greener place to work.

Posted by: Chuck Kelly Senior Vice President Operations United States Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day. In celebration of Earth week, are you looking to make a difference? If you are an owner of a building, your role in sustainability is bigger than ever and your savings will be too.  Do you know the impact […]